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The number of sessions varies depending on artist’s needs. You want to make your demo CD, or you are ready for your full length CD. We will help prepare you for this – from choosing your music, to vocal coaching for optimal results, mic technique, be with you in the studio, and mix your music post-production … all the way to the end product – your very own CD.



Need help putting up your party? Don’t know where to find performers, magicians, hosts, party favors, balloons, sound systems, etc.? From children’s theme parties to classy corporate functions, we can do it all for you!

6 comments on “Other Services

    • HI Vell, thank you for your inquiry. Does it include instrument recording? Or vocals only? If with instruments, how many instruments? How many songs were you planning to record?

      • It includes an instrument recording/backing track .. then it’s only vocals without instruments po.. then I would like to plan at least 15 tracks.

      • do you mean 15 songs? recording fee is P1500 per song, and my fee as recording coach is P1000 per hour

  • Hi mam good day!I have a daughter who is a singer but i wanted her to improve more in her talent and be coach one on one.I also wanted her to be exposed and have her own album or be included in your artist registry.She just came from Long Beach California from WCOPA competition.
    I hope you can help her dream come true …I’m waiting for your reply soon!

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